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Below is a brief outline of our policies. 


The information parents provide to Safe and Sound Preschool will be kept confidential and privacy will be respected at all times. Children's photos or names will not be placed on our website or social media sites without written consent from parent(s).



An acquaintance visit should be made. Children should have one; preferably two, visits to Safe & Sound Preschool to become familiar with the staff and the environment. There will be a 2-week trial period to determine suitability of the childcare arrangements.



There is a strict 'no spanking' policy in place. Children are spoken to and treated respectfully at all times.



An updated immunization record and medical certificate are required prior to admission. A child who is absent for three or more consecutive days will not be allowed to return to care unless a medical certificate from their doctor is presented. Only persons authorized by parents are allowed to collect children. Parents with children in our care are welcome to visit at any time. We hold the best interest of each child at the centre of our operations.


Since young children quite susceptible to contracting contagious illensses, parents are kindly asked not allow their children to come into our care if:

1. They are vomiting (more than twice in a day)

2. They have a rash (especially with a fever or itching)

3. They have diarrhea (three or more watery stools in one day)

4. They have an eye infection (discharge draining from the eye)

5. They have a fever of more than 100 degrees AND sore throat, itching, rash, vomiting or diarrhea.

6. They just are not feeling well (unusually tired, poor appetite, cranky.) Parents whose children exhibit any of the above symptoms will be called and asked to promptly collect their children. Parents are expected to have a plan in place for back up child care.



Safe and Sound Preschool is closed on public holidays and days when public schools are closed due to inclement weather. No refunds are available for days when a child is not in care, unless otherwise determined by the Director. Tuition payments are due monthly on the first day of the month. Fees for late pick up are to be paid directly to the teacher who stays with children after closing time as compensation for his/her inconvenience. 

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